901212 Acoustiturn Turning Vane & Mounting Rail

Model: 901212

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Material Aluminum
Acoustiturn Selection Data AIRSAN Acoustiturns are foil shaped. They consist of a 14-ga. Aluminum extrusion acoustically treated with fiberglass media, which is protected by open protective metal facings. They are 6 3/8" across the chord.

The 5' long mountain rail may be overlapped on the nail centers to produce any length. Consists of 24-ga. Galvanized steel with prepunched location holes on 3 3/4" centers. AIRSAN Acoustiturns are fastened to the rail with screw nails furnished with the mounting rail.

Installed costs compare favorably to other ordinary double-faced vanes because of using few vanes, less pieces to cut and assemble.

Fire resistant construction. Will not support combustion.

AIRSAN Acoustiturns may also be cut to your exact specifications on a special order and cost basis.

AIRSAN Acoustiturn tests show that the resistance is much lower than that of an acceptable 3" double faced vane. Laminar flow characteristics are also improved over those of the 3" vane.

Attenuation as shown on the curve is obtained with velocities up to 3000 fpm.

Attenuation decreases from 3000 to 4000 fpm and self-noise begins at 4000 fpm and above.

Attenuation, as shown, is obtained with the duct-lined 3' upstream and 3' downstream from throat.

Insertion loss is derived by using a recommended 90_ right angle elbow, lined with 2# density duct liner 3' upstream and 3' downstream. AIRSAN Acoustiturns were installed on 3 3/4" centers. White noise and dynamic noise are compared.
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