Industrial Motor, Fan and Blower

In many industrial applications, there is air moving throughout the process. Within these applications, it is paramount to keep the equipment cool by providing fresh air to the work area. While fresh air is critical to the equipment, many are not aware that there are metal air intake filters inside the motor, fan, or blower.  

One of the key components for industrial-grade motors to function optimally is selecting the correct type of air filter. Air filter selection is paramount to maintaining proper airflow in these applications. If the airflow is less than 500 FPM, and the environment is mild in dirt and toxicity, then a basic 5-7 multi-layer metal air intake filter should perform well. These filters will have 10/ft2 to 14/ft/2 of filtering surface area.

However, if the airflow is greater than 500 FPM, and the environment is highly toxic and corrosive, then the need for greater air filter surface area increases. These applications require air intake filters that use greater than 65/ft2 of filter surface area.

All these filters are available in industry standard sizes or can be customized to fit your motor, fan, or blower. These filters are also available in Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel. 

See typical filters used for Industrial Motor, Fan and Blower Applications below.

Application Filters

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