Desert Conditions


Air filtration for power generation in harsh desert conditions


A manufacturer specializing in blower and fan systems for the power generation industry challenged Airsan to provide a solution for a blower system used in the Middle East. The combination of arid climate, high dust level and high airflow requirements for the application demanded a robustly built solution. It focused on three primary aspects:

The ability to provide proper filtration levels of desert dust.

  1. A quality of construction to handle abrasive particulate.
  2. Filter must properly provide an average airflow capacity of 6,000 cfm while minimizing resistance of the filtration system, to optimize efficiency.


Airsan engineered a solution that became the largest cylindrical air filter that Airsan manufactures, measuring over 30” in diameter and 30” tall. Airsan designed this filter with additional media reinforcement to prevent collapsing, while maintaining effective efficiency. Through the development process, Airsan provided a cost-effective solution to meet the customer’s quality and performance specifications.

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