Washable Filter


Washable filter reduces waste, extends filter life from two weeks to two years

Washable Filter


A customer asked an Airsan representative company to provide a solution for its indoor air filtration needs. The customer was using disposable air filters and replaced them every two to three weeks. Unhappy with the excess waste of constant unit replacement, they sought washable filter options. They also had unique challenges such as weight requirements and keeping the existing holding frames in place for use.

The customer initially considered metal washable units. However, the filtration efficiency of an all-metal unit had some drawbacks. The focus was primarily on airflow capacity with minimum pressure drop.


After evaluating the project, the team decided to offer Airsan’s Type DD air filters. These met airflow requirements while providing a filtration efficiency equal to that of the disposable units being replaced. To meet weight requirements for the enclosure (105 units), aluminum materials were used (vs. galvanized steel) to provide the lightest possible configuration. Airsan Type DD filters will last more than two years in this application with proper maintenance, while maintaining performance characteristics.

Airsan’s solution eliminated the waste created by constantly cycling through disposable air filters. We also exceeded the customer’s initial efficiency expectation, matching the original design. Airsan, working with its rep company, was able to provide a sustainable product to reduce wasteful consumption.

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