Military & Commercial Maritime

Airsan filters are used worldwide to improve air filtration and efficiency of equipment in maritime environments such as shipyards, dry docks, marinas, military ports and marine railways. The U.S. military uses Airsan products exclusively in vessel construction, onboard propulsion systems and HVAC systems on military vessels. Airsan offers custom and standard air filters and filter accessories for many maritime applications, such as:

  • Shipboard lighting and HVAC systems on submarines and surface vessels
  • Powertrain design of maritime engines
  • Electronic/electrical enclosures and cabinetry onboard vessels
  • Engines, compressors and other equipment used in shipyard construction, repair, storage and material handling
  • Fresh air intake for onboard HVAC and propulsion systems, including military vessels

Airsan filters are often used as pre-filter components to ensure proper overall function of mechanical systems, protect final filters and extend the life of more costly components.

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