Wind Turbine Generators

Airsan supplies high-quality air filters worldwide for power generation plants, electric and other utility providers, producers of clean energy such as wind power, and other power generation sources. Airsan filters and filter accessories are engineered to:

  • Improve system efficiency
  • Extend the life of and protect final filter stages
  • Reduce your facility’s waste output
  • Handle severe-duty applications as needed
  • Increase the productivity of your power generation

With proper air filtration, turbines in power stations can reliably convert energy into electricity. When used as pre-filter components, Airsan filters can minimize pressure drop and eliminate moisture, improving overall turbine function and efficiency. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs, while protecting final filters and extending the life of more expensive components.

Airsan filtration solutions have many power generation applications, including:

  • Generator sets
  • Air intake systems for power equipment
  • Engines
  • Air compressors
  • Fan and blower systems
  • Large-scale industrial generators
  • Electrical inverter cabinetry

See typical filters used for Wind Turbine Generator Applications below.

Industries Power Generation

Application Filters

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