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GE Custom 8000 Induction Motor


A customer approached Airsan seeking replacement filters for their GE Induction Motors installed in an outdoor facility. Given the outdoor placement, the customer emphasized the critical need for non-corrosive filters to withstand environmental conditions. Additionally, the filters required for the equipment were of a unique size, necessitating custom-manufactured solutions.

Industrial Motors, Fan and Blower Air Filter Airsan


Airsan embarked on understanding the unique requirements of the customer’s project. Collaborating closely with the customer to determine the best filter for the application.

After evaluation, Airsan identified its “AG” filter as the optimal solution for the project. The AG filter is highly durable and efficient, making it ideal for demanding industrial applications. Crafted with ten layers of specialized media, the AG filter excels in capturing a wide range of airborne contaminants while maintaining high airflow rates.

To address the customer’s corrosion concerns, Airsan integrated stainless steel media into the filter design. This addition not only enhances the filter’s resistance to corrosion but also ensures longevity and reliability, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

By leveraging its expertise in air filtration technology and customization capabilities, Airsan successfully delivered tailor-made filters that met the customer’s exact specifications. The collaboration between Airsan and the customer resulted in a robust solution that not only resolved the immediate need for replacement filters but also provided long-term peace of mind regarding air quality and equipment durability.

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