Film-Cor Adhesives

Film Core Adhesive

Increase your air filter’s efficiency with Airsan Film-Cor Adhesives. A recharging adhesive must be applied to all permanent metal air filters after every cleaning service, regardless of filter manufacturer. Our Film-Cor is a proprietary tackifier specially designed for use with Airsan metal filters, but can also be used with other metal filter brands. After the filter media blocks particulate in the airstream, Film-Cor adhesive captures the particulate and prevents its reintroduction into the air.

Film-Cor recharging adhesive offers these benefits:

  • Improved air filter efficiency
  • Nearly odorless
  • High flash point
  • Rapid wetting characteristics
  • Dye tracer in the adhesive allows visibility of coverage
  • Multiple container sizes available

Available in a 1 gallon container or 55 gallon drum.