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Case Study

The Customer: A global leader in the manufacture of air handling equipment

The customer came to Airsan looking for a business partner to help resolve two key challenges:

  1. Looking to provide their customers with a more robust air filter while maintaining air flow performance
  2. Avoiding a significant cost penalty

The OEM’s main structural requirements:

Airsan has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance metal filters since 1941. In this scenario, not only did we have to provide the OEM with a high-quality filter, but we needed to produce it within their budget.

How Airsan Served the Customer’s Need:

Summary of Accomplished Project:

From initial discussion, design concept and first production run, Airsan was able to bring this new product to market in less than 6 months. This was truly a case of OEM and supplier working closely together to help deliver a new and enhanced product that provided:

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