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Case Study - Reducing Noise

Sound Attenuator Reduces Noise in HVAC System

Problem: A key Airsan supplier – an HVAC distributor – has a customer that manufactures modular building solutions, such as jobsite housing and training facilities. Many of these units are built to include climate control options. The distributor needed to reduce noise from the HVAC system attached to the building.

Solution: Airsan’s Type CSIL sound attenuator has greatly reduced noise levels inside the units. The compact, 4" depth of the Type CSIL product gives the manufacturer much more flexibility when deciding on an installation point to place the product in the system.

The Airsan Type CSIL is a great sound attenuator for HVAC systems with limited packaging constraints. It can be retrofitted into any pre-existing system, and when sized correctly it has almost no impact on overall efficiency of the HVAC system through increased restriction.

Product: Airsan Type CSIL – Compact Silencer

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